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Monday, November 28, 2011

Sci Fi News Daily Digest: Christian Bale Hangs Up His Batman Cape, Robert Kirkman Talks Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale, and More

News and Updates November 28th:

Hollywood Reporter: The Dark Knight Rises Marks the End of Christian Bale's Batman Era - In a new interview, the actor recalls hanging up his cape for "the last time," calling it the end of "that Batman era."

Hollywood Reporter: The Walking Dead Dissection: Robert Kirkman Talks Death and What's Ahead - The comic book creator discusses Sunday's midseason finale and teases next year's "explosive" second half of the season. The ancestor of all life on Earth might have been a gigantic planetary super-organism - All life on Earth is related, which means we all must share a single common evolutionary ancestor.

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Deadline Hollywood: R.I.P. Filmmaker Ken Russell Terry Gilliam trashes Transformers: 'What's the point?'

Sci Fi Mafia: Game of Thrones Season One DVD and Blu-ray Details Revealed

Deadline Hollywood: Analyst Warns: Pay TV Will Fade As Young Viewers Look For Cheaper Alternatives Marina Sirtis on Recasting the Next Generation Cast, Fans Wish for More TNG Movies, Her Favorite Episode and TNG on Blu-Ray

Deadline Hollywood: YouTube Pacts To Rent 100s Of Disney Films Including Pixar & DreamWorks

Hollywood Reporter: Lucasfilm's Indiana Jones Ventures Into Social Gaming With Zynga's Adventure World

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