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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New in Comics: Robocop Road Trip, The Mis-Adventures of Adam West Ongoing Series, and More

Comics Due Out December 14th:

Robocop Road Trip #1 D. E

Description:  Covers: Fabiano Neves Writer: Rob Williams Artist: Unai (00111) Continuing the story from Dynamite's Robocop series, America has fallen into a landscape of revolution and chaos and OCP has taken over Old Detroit from the authorities in a political coup. It's up to Robocop and what's left of the Old Detroit Police Department to try and make it out of the state in order to get help from the US military. But ED-309s patrol the streets and OCP has a new, deadly robot prototype to send after Murphy and co. Meanwhile, Robocop's sanity continues to crumble along with his country.

Misadventures Of Adam West #1 Bluewater Productions

Description: A four-issue miniseries wasn't enough for TV's original Batman! Fueled by his imagination (and a magical amulet), Adam West continues his travels through time, space, and alternate realities fighting evil-doers in his very own ongoing series. Villains be warned. A true American hero is back in business. Better buckle your seatbelts.

More of This Week's Comics:

Avengers X-sanction #1 (of 4) Marvel Comics

Bionic Man #5 D. E.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Nine #4 Dark Horse

Carnage USA #1 (of 5) Marvel Comics

Chuck Jones Dream That Never Was HC IDW

Dark Tower Gunslinger Way Station #1 (of 5) Marvel Comics

DC Comics Presents Elseworlds 80 Page Giant #1

DC Comics The New 52 HC

Flash Gordon Comic Book Archives Volume 5 HC Dark Horse

Flash Gordon Zeitgeist #2 D. E.

Game Of Thrones #4 D. E

Honey West Captain Action & Flint (One Shot) Moonstone

Infestation Outbreak TPB IDW

Logans Run Aftermath TPB Bluewater Productions

Lord Of The Jungle #1 D. E.

Nowhere Man #1 (of 4) D. E.

Ray #1 (of 4) DC

Rocketeer Adventures HC Vol. 01 IDW

Star Trek/Legion Of Superheroes #3 (of 6) IDW

Star Wars: Agent of the Empire #1 Dark Horse

The Strain #1 Dark Horse

Vertigo First Blood #1 DC

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