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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sci Fi News Daily Digest: Poster for Ridley Scott's Prometheus Released, Find Out Which Theaters Will Show the Dark Knight Prologue, and More

News and Updates December 15th:

Ridley Scott's Prometheus, which may or may not have ties to the Alien franchise of films, hits theaters on March 9, 2012. Here is the poster for the film (click to see larger). Stay tuned to the Sci Fi Scroll site for our 2012 science fiction and fantasy movie preview. The Dark Knight Rises IMAX prologue: Here's where you can see it - Only 42 IMAX theaters in North America will be playing Christopher Nolan’s eye-popping introduction of Tom Hardy’s masked villain Bane.

Hollywood Reporter: Thor 2 Star Natalie Portman Furious Over Director Patty Jenkins' Firing

Sci Fi Mafia: IDW and ComiXology Expand Digital Partnership

Deadline Hollywood: Arthur & Lancelot In Warner Bros Budget Crisis: Projected $130M Cost Too High Incredibles director blames lack of a sequel on The Avengers

Hollywood Reporter: American Horror Story: 5 Things Learned From 'Birth' Moffat says those 2-part episodes have been hurting Doctor Who


Vulture: Movie Review: The Maximum Clutter of Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows

Hollywood Reporter: Mission Impossible delivers wall-to-wall action in a spectacular, if repetitive, fourth series entry. Comic Book Review: Carnage USA #1 Comic Book Review: Avengers: X-Sanction #1

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