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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sci FI News Daily Digest: Russell T. Davies Puts Career (and Torchwood) on Hold, NASA Finds Evidence of Water on Mars, and More

News and Updates December 9th: Doctor Who’s Russell T. Davies Puts Career On Hold, Is This The End Of Torchwood? Sometimes things happen that make you take stock of what’s important in your life, and recently Russell T. Davies was faced with that predicament. NASA Mars Rover Finds Mineral Vein Deposited by Water - NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity has found bright veins of a mineral, apparently gypsum, deposited by water. Analysis of the vein will help improve understanding of the history of wet environments on Mars.

Deadline Hollywood: Alan Moore & David Lloyd Part Of Occupy Comics Push - Alan Moore has joined the roster of Occupy Comics, a group of comic book and graphic novel artists and writers joining to support the Occupy protests nationwide.

Hollywood Reporter: American Horror Story: Did You See Violet's Reveal Coming? Full season of Once Upon A Time to be made available for stream

Sci Fi Mafia: R.I.P. Jerry Robinson, creator of The Joker, Robin and Alfred How the new Detective Comics will depict Batman’s rookie days

Cybermage: Forthcoming Science Fiction and Fantasy Books December 2011-2014


Hollywood Reporter: It may not be The Incredibles, but there is some fairly incredible stuff to be found in Mission: Impossible —Ghost Protocol Comic Book Review: Voltron #1 Comic Book Review: The Defenders #1

Geeks of Doom: Comic Review: Flash Gordon Zeitgeist #1 The Vampire Diaries Mid-Season Review

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