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Friday, September 2, 2011

The Fall/Winter 2011 Season Begins Today, Check Out What's Coming Up in Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies

The Summer Blockbuster Season is now officially over, but there's still four more months of the year to fill up seats in the theaters. And the studios still have quite a number of science fiction and fantasy entries on the slate hoping to lure you to the Box Office. Traditionally, the months of September and October have the cast-offs that the studios just want to crank through the theater circuit before they move on to their DVD releases or that they felt could not quite compete with the mega-blockbusters of Summer. But not all of the movies coming out during those two months are fodder. Among the promising entries coming out in September and October, we have Apollo 18, Contagion, The Thing, and In Time. Then once November arrives, we have the shortened holiday blockbuster season which sees more than a few big-budget flicks hitting the theaters. Among the selections during those months for this year we have The Immortals, the Sherlock Holmes and Mission: Impossible sequels, and Steven Spielberg's Adventures of Tintin. And we have pulled together the full slate of all the science fiction and fantasy films (as well as several that should interest genre fans) over at our Sci Fi Movie Preview Page. So click on over there and peruse the upcoming offerings so that you can mark your calendars for the movies you will definitely want to see over the next four months.

Fall/Winter 2011 Sci Fi Movie Preview Page

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