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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New in Comics: Grant Morrison's Action Comics 1 Plus 12 More DC Relaunchs, Also Walter Koenig's Things To Come

Comics Due Out September 7th:

This Week's DC Relaunch Titles:
Action Comics #1 (Grant Morrison, Rags Morales, Rick Bryant)
Animal Man #1 (Jeff Lemire, Travel Foreman, Dan Green)
Batgirl #1 (Gail Simone, Ardian Syaf, Vicente Cifuentes)
Batwing #1 (Judd Winick, Ben Oliver)
Detective Comics #1 (Tony S. Daniel, Ryan Winn)
Green Arrow #1 (J.T. Krul, Dan Jurgens, Norm Rapmund)
Hawk and Dove #1 (Sterling Gates, Rob Liefeld)
Justice League International #1 (Dan Jurgens, Aaron Lopresti)
Men of War #1 (Ivan Brandon, Tom Derenick)
O.M.A.C. #1 (Dan Didio, Keith Giffen, Scott Koblish)
Static Shock #1 (Scott McDaniel, John Rozum, Jonathan Glapion)
Stormwatch #1 (Paul Cornell, Miguel Sepulveda)
Swamp Thing #1 (Scott Snyder, Yanick Paquette)

See the Full Checklist of Relaunch Titles at The Link

Walter Koenig's Things To Come #1 Bluewater Productions

Product Description: Two hundred years after the apocalypse the human race, buried in the bowels of the earth, is a few tortured breaths from extinction.  It offers up one last gift to the poisoned surface and the mutant life forms that survive there; a new species.

Up until now the creatures of fiction, these new beings must determine the purpose of their being. Are they only the violent spawn of mankind's evil doomed to a soulless eternity or the progenitors of a better more hopeful world?  Is it possible for them to tear the throats from their prey, drink the blood and still pray to god?

More Comics Due Out This Week:

Atomic Robo Ghost Of Station X #1 (of 6) Red 5 Comics

Battlestar Galactica Season Zero Omnibus TPB D.E.

Broken Pieces #1 Aspen Mlt Inc

Casanova Avaritia #1 (of 4) Marvel

Elric The Balance Lost #3 Boom! Studios

Flash Gordon Invasion of the Red Sword #4 Arden Entertainment

Intrepid Escapegoat #1 (of 3) Curse of the Buddhas Tooth Thr3d Studios

Kirby Genesis #3 D.E.

Spider-island Avengers #1 Marvel

True Blood French Quarter #1 (of 6)  IDW

Wolverine Debt Of Death #1 Marvel

X-Factor #224.1 Marvel Point One Issue

More New Releases at This Link

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