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Monday, October 3, 2011

Box Office: Another Slow Weekend for Sci Fi Films

It was another slow weekend at the Box Office, especially for sci fi films as most of the Summer films have dropped out of the Top 20 now and the new horror entry Dream House only managed to scare its way Number 6 slot.  And a major bit of Hollywood injustice saw the horror comedy Tucker and Dale vs. Evil only playing on a few screens across the nation in its theatrical debut and thus it did not even register on the charts.  Had that one received even moderate exposure in theaters, especially on such a slow weekend, it probably could have cleaned up considering it was made on such a modest budget.  The Box Office will pick up as far as sci fi is concerned in the coming weeks as Real Steel (Oct 7th), The Thing (Oct 14th), Paranormal Activity 3 (Oct 21st), In Time (Oct 28th), and more will hit theaters in the coming weeks.  You can get a look at all of this Fall's upcoming movies at this link.

Genre Films at the Box Office the Weekend of September 30 - October 2 (Based on Early Estimates*):
Dream House Rank - 6 (LW - n/a) / Revenue - $8.2 MM / Fresh Rating - 8%
Contagion Rank - 9 (LW - 6) / Revenue - $5.0 MM / Fresh Rating - 82%
Rise of the Planet of the Apes Rank - 15 (LW - 12) / Revenue - $0.5 MM / Fresh Rating - 81%
Spy Kids: All the Time in the World Rank - 19 (LW - 17) / Revenue - $0.4 MM / Fresh Rating - 22%

Source: Box Office Results - Box Office Mojo / Fresh Rating - Rotten Tomatoes

*Box Office results are based on the weekend's early estimates and the chart ranks and revenue can change when the final numbers are tallied.

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