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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New in Comics: Star Wars Crimson Empire III - Empire Lost and a New Ongoing Hulk Series

Comics Due Out on October 26:

Star Wars: Crimson Empire III-Empire Lost #1 Dark Horse

Description: Star Wars: Crimson Empire, the story of the last Imperial Guardsman, returns after over a decade of anticipation!

The reach of the New Republic is expanding, but the days of fighting for the galaxy have not ended. A threat against Princess Leia and Han Solo's family disrupts usual business on Coruscant--and Luke Skywalker's Jedi training on Yavin 4!

In another part of the galaxy, a former Imperial Guardsman turned bounty hunter, Kir Kanos, is ready to settle an old score after three years in hiding--if a new adversary doesn't kill him first!

* The original creative team returns!

Incredible Hulk #1 Marvel

Description: Marvel Architect Jason Aaron joins forces with legendary artist Marc Silvestri to redefine the Hulk in an all new ongoing series.

After the events of Fear Itself, the Hulk has gone into hiding, seemingly safe from a world that hates and fears him. But when government agents come knocking at his door, the Hulk has no choice but to return to war against the one man whose existence threatens the safety of every living creature on the Earth. The one man who's existence could doom the Hulk himself. And that man is Bruce Banner. Now separated into two men, the Hulk and Banner exist worlds apart but one climactic battle will bring them face to face againóand leave the Marvel Universe shaking in its wake.

More Comics Due Out This Week:

Avengers Solo #1 (of 5) Marvel

Dagar the Invincible Archives HC Volume 1 Dark Horse

DC Comics Presents Catwoman Guardian Of Gotham #1

DC Comics Presents Jack Kirby Omnibus Sampler #1

Flash Gordon Vengeance Of Ming #2 Ardden Entertainment

Game Of Thrones #2 D.E.

Grimm Fairy Tales Sinbad Special Zenescope

Jack Kirbys Galactic Bounty Hunters TPB Genesis West

Legion Secret Origin #1 (of 6) DC

Misadventures Of Adam West #4 (of 4) Bluewater Productions

Simon & Kirby HC Library Crime Titan Publishing

Stitched #1 Avatar Press

Tales From William F Nolan Dark Universe #1 Bluewater Porductions

Tank Girl Carioca #1 (of 3)

Vampires Marvel Undead #1 Marvel

Wolverine and the X-Men #1 Marvel

More New Releases at This Link

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