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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sci Fi news Daily Digest: 3 Game of Thrones Video Games on the Way, Do TV Series Deserve a Second Chance, and More

News and Updates November 10th: 3 Game of Thrones videogames coming—with George R.R. Martin's help - According to USA Today, the RPG is based on an original story by Martin. HBO plans to share video with the developers so that the game parallels the series. ... World Of Warcraft Has Lost Over One Million Subscribers In The Last Six Months - World of Warcraft has lost 1.1 million subscribers worldwide since May 2011. Most of the subscription losses occurred in the eastern market, leading many to speculate that Blizzard’s legal problems in China are the source of the loss.

Hollywood Reporter: Do TV Series Get or Deserve Second Chances? In the modern TV world, the answer to both is mostly 'no,' but some patience still exists from viewers.

Sci Fi Trifles from Axiom's Edge: Useless but essential pop culture tidbits and trivia from the worlds of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. Star Trek Online Free-To-Play Date Announced + Details on Changes to the Game

Hollywood Reporter: Paramount Developing Ideas for Paranormal Activity 4, Transformers 4

Sci Fi Mafia: Oz: The Great and Powerful – Bruce Campbell Nixed from the Film American Horror Story: Ryan Murphy on Vivien's blood-craving baby and next week's 'most sexual episode' yet

Hollywood Reporter: Legendary's Godzilla Remake to Be Written By Max Borenstein Vampire Diaries targets Twilight fans with sexy new trailer

Hollywood Reporter: Universal's Asteroids to Be Written By Snow White Scribe

Tips for Authors: You’re about 25 percent of the way through your novel. Time for an Act One Break?

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