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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sci Fi News Daily Digest: Latest Trailer for Darkest Hour, Fly Sequel is Squashed, Tomb Raider Reboot Will Be a Prequel, and More

The Darkest Hour, which looks a lot like Skyline set in Moscow, opens on December 23rd. Stay tuned to the Sci Fi Scroll site for our 2012 science fiction and fantasy movie preview.

News and Updates November 22nd: Fox officially pulls the plug on Cronenberg’s sequel to The Fly - Back in early October, we reported that David Cronenberg had written a script for his sequel to The Fly — but whether the movie actually got made was up to Fox, who were taking a look at the script.

Geeks of Doom: The Tomb Raider Reboot Will Be a Prequel, According to the Producer - The Tomb Raider reboot that entered development not long ago has yet to evolve beyond the embryonic stage, but recently producer Graham King discussed the likely direction the new film will likely be taking with in an interview with Coming Soon.

Cancellation Watch from Axiom's Edge Sci Fi: Tracking the weekly ratings and the cancellation prospects of the science fiction and fantasy shows currently airing on broadcast and cable networks.

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