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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New in Comics: The Defenders Return to Marvel, Plus a New Voltron Series, and More

Comics Due Out December 7th:

Defenders #1 Marvel

Description: Spinning out of the stunning end of FEAR ITSELF! The final Worthy on a global rampage! o Matt Fraction (FEAR ITSELF, THE MIGHTY THOR, INVINCIBLE IRON MAN) reteams with TERRY DODSON (UNCANNY X-MEN, SENSATIONAL SPIDER-MAN)! o Everyone's favorite Marvel characters banding together to solve a mysterious conspiracy deep at the heart of the Marvel Universe! o The last line of defense against the forces of the unknown! 32 PGS./Rated T+


Voltron #1 D. E

Description: Ultimate victory has never been closer for the Voltron Force. King Zarkon's brutal regime has been pushed to the edges of the galaxy, left to wage a series of desperate and losing battles to claim innocent victims while they still can. But Zarkon knows something---a secret about Voltron over a hundred years old that could change everything for the Galaxy Alliance. This isn't the Voltron we all know, but one redefined and re-imagined by those he and his adventures have inspired over the years. This is Generation Voltron...

More Comics Due Out This Week:

Avengers X-sanction #1 (of 4) Marvel

Betrayal of the Planet of the Apes #2 (of 4) Boom! Studios

DC Comics Presents Batman Urban Legends #1

DC Comics Presents Captain Atom #1

DC Comics The New 52 HC

Deadlands Black Water (One Shot) Image

DeadpoolMax X-mas Special #1 Marvel

Fly TPB Vol. 01 Zenescope Entertainment

Grimm Fairy Tales Sinbad Special Zenescope Entertainment

Hack Slash Annual 2011 Hatchet Slash #1 Image

Infestation HC IDW

Outcast #1 Boom! Studios

Superboy Smallville Attacks TPB DC Comics

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro Series #1 Raphael IDW

Ultimate Comics Ultimates Must Have #1 Marvel

Vampirella Annual #1 D. E.

X-Club #1 (of 5) Marvel

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