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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sci FI News Daily Digest: Syfy's X-Mas Episodes Air Tonight (See the Animated Eureka Sneak Peek), Del Tor Drops Out of Star Trek 2, but Kahn Will be the Villain, and More

The Christmas episodes of three of Syfy's Summer shows air tonight. The Holiday mini-marathon kicks off at 8 PM EST with Eureka, followed by Warehouse 13 at 9 PM and Haven at 10 PM. Here's a hilarious sneak peek at the Eureka inspired by well-known animated Christmas specials:

News and Updates for December 6th: Khan is IN (but Benicio Del Toro is OUT) as Star Trek 2's villain - Bad news is: Benicio Del Toro (The Wolfman) is out of the running as Star Trek's next villain. Good news is: Khan Noonien Singh will be the Big Baddie.

Vulture: A Starship Troopers Remake Is in the Works - Break out the bug spray! Sony Pictures Über-producer Neal Moritz has decided that the time has come to reboot Paul Verhoeven's 1997 fascist classic Starship Troopers.

Cancellation Watch from Axiom's Edge Sci Fi: Tracking the weekly ratings and the cancellation prospects of the science fiction and fantasy shows currently airing on broadcast and cable networks. Andrew Stanton Has Already Started Prepping For John Carter 2 And 3

Deadline Hollywood: Sienna Miller Is Tippi Hedren, Toby Jones Is Hitchcock In BBC2 Drama About The Birds

Hollywood Reporter: Glee's Christmas Episode Guest Star: Chewbacca Nichelle Nichols reveals that the original Spock was a woman

Deadline Hollywood: Star Wars Camera Fetches Record $625K At Auction

AOL TV: Castiel Will Return to Supernatural

Hollywood Reporter: Larry King Shocks Guests With Cryogenics Revelation: 'I Wanna Be Frozen When I Die'

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